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The Femigiene for pharmaceutical Industry was established for the manufacture pharmaceutical products in Jordan in 2008 and is an extension of our group where we from the beginning of commitment to quality through the use of the latest methods of manufacturing and control according to international standards.
We are proud that our success through our investment in our human resources and promote creativity in all sections of our workforce, which reflects our success in continuing to put new products that reflect the urgent need in the local market and regional markets.

Our products are divided into the following groups:
- Pregnancy care: a special cream for the treatment of special cases of pregnant women and breastfeeding.
- Foot care for diabetes: Products are designed to help patients with diabetes.
- Care of Women: distinctive products from soap and vaginal Douche and medical vaginal creams.
- Muscle and joint care: special creams for the treatment of muscle pain and arthritis.

We are currently working to expand the base Clients in the Middle East and Africa (MENA), through the marketing of our products exclusively through medical companies with substantial experience in the marketing of medical products and pharmaceuticals in their domestic markets.

RAM Pharma

RAM Pharma was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of reliable pharmaceutical dosage forms with an extensive product portfolio. Led by its slogan.

“A Passion for Excellence”

RAM Pharma proudly attributes its market success to its professional team of qualified personnel who operate in accordance with top international standards and continuously strive to not only meet, but to also exceed customers’ expectations.
Where that is brought together by high caliber human resources, unique industry insights and advance capabilities,
RAM Pharma continues to achieve remarkable results.

Today, RAM Pharma is ranked among the top five companies within the Jordanian pharmaceutical sector. Its leading market position is a testament to RAM PHARMA’s progressive approach and serves as a driver for future vertical and horizontal growth.

All of RAM PHARMA’s facilities and manufacturing procedures conform to GMP and regulatory requirements.