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Name: Lansopral

Generic Name: Lansoprazole

* Description:
Lansopral (Lansoprazole) is abenizimidazole derivative that effectively decrease gastric acid secretion, regardless of the primary stimulus, via inhibition of gastric H+, K+ – ATPase adenosine triphosphates (Proton pump) of the parietal cells in gastric mucosa.

* Indications:
Lansopral (Lansoprazole) provides effective treatment and healing of peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis after 4-8 weeks of therapy and appears to prevent recurrence of lesions when administered as maintenance therapy.
Lansopral is also effective in the treatment of Duodenal Ulcer, Zollinger -Ellison Syndrome with the benefit of rapid symptoms relief

* Presentation:
Lansopral Capsules: Each capsule contains Lansoprazole 15 mg packs of 10 capsules.
Lansopral Capsules: Each capsule contains Lansoprazole 30 mg packs of 14 capsules.