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Name: Ramlac

Generic Name: Lactulose

Ramlac (Lactulose) is a synthetic disaccharide laxative. Following oral administration, Ramlac is almost completely unabsorbed from the GIT. Ramlac is broken down by colonic bacteria mainly lacto bacteria into low molecular weight organic acids such as lactic acid that exerts a local osmotic effect in the colon resulting in increased fecal bulk and stimulation of peristalsis. It may take up to 72 hrs. Before an effect is obtained. When larger doses are given for hepatic encephalopathy the pH in the colon is reduced significantly by this acid production and the absorption of ammonium ions and other toxic nitrogenous compounds are decreased leading to a fall in blood-ammonia concentrations.
Ramlac is indicated for:
-The prophylaxis and treatment of hyperammonaemia in liver diseases including the stages of pre -coma and coma.
-The treatment of chronic constipation.

Ramlac Syrup: Each 100 ml contains Lactulose 67 gm.
Bottles of 100 ml and 200 ml and 300 ml.