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Name: Ramoclav

Generic Name: Amoxicillin Trihydrate Clavulanic Acid

Ramoclav is an oral anti-bactericidal combination that consists of Amoxicillin
(a semisynthetic broad spectrum Penicillin) & Clavulanic acid which protects amoxicillin from being destroyed by -Lactamase enzymes.
Ramoclav has a broad spectrum activity against a wide range of gram negative and gram positive bacteria, particularly -Lactamase enzymes resistant micro-organisms.

Ramoclav is indicated in the treatment of the following bacterial infections:
• Upper respiratory tract infections such as: tonsillitis, sinusitis & otitis media.
• Lower respiratory tract infections such as: acute & chronic bronchitis &
• Genito-urinary tract infections such as: cystitis.
• Skin & soft tissue infections such as: wound infections.

Ramoclav 375 mg tablets: Each tablet contains 250mg Amoxicillin
& 125mg Clavulanic acid, packed in jars of 20 tabs.