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Trich Vaginal Douche

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Name: Trich Vaginal Douche

Generic Name: No Generic Name

Trichomoniasis is a one-celled parasite that can live in the vagina, the cervix, or in the male lower genital tract. Under the microscope, this protozoan looks like a teardrop-shaped cell with a tail. Women with trichomonas usually have accompanying discharge or irritation. Occasionally the cervix can become inflamed, leading to bleeding after intercourse or at the time a pap smear is taken. In rare cases a woman will notice discomfort with urination.

Trichomonas, is a sexually transmitted infection. While it's true that Trichomonas lives in the , Male genital tract, it survives for only a few days or weeks at most. But it can be present in the vagina for years

Femigiene Trich disposable vaginal douche is for treating parasitic vaginitis especially Trichomoniasis by reducing vaginal PH to make the environment not suitable.